Skopje is not that big city when compared to other cities in the world, like Berlin or Buenos Aires, but it is the largest one by size and population in the entire country. As everything is neatly organized, the tourists are not required to take taxi or public transportation to get from one to another place.

Still, everything important that needs to be seen in person in Skopje is conveniently located around the main square Macedonia. From here it begins the exploration of Skopje, where most of the tourists will be seen. On the main square Macedonia you have the biggest statue of Alexander the Great that stands atop a fountain which changes colors from the LED lights when the night falls.

Square Macedonia with the Alexander the Great Statue ©Rašo

There are too smaller statues/monuments of other important figures from the Macedonian history, as well as recently built or façade-renovated buildings. In addition, there are small plaques which explain the life of these important historic figures.

Monument to Dame Gruev on Square Macedonia ©XeresNelro

From there when you head towards the historic Stone Bridge, and cross the longest river in the country, Vardar, you are heading towards the Old Bazaar, or as the tourists love to call it, the Old City. This is where the long history of Skopje can be seen, since it dates from 12th century. The major development was during Ottoman rule of Skopje when the Bazaar rapidly grew and developed, and in the end it became the city’s main center of commerce, as well as the second biggest market on the Balkan peninsula, after the Istanbul one.

View above the Old Bazaar © Stotosenik

From the Old Bazaar, the next thing that deserves to be seen is the Skopje Fortress, which is more commonly referred to as Kale. As there is no entrance fee, it is becoming more popular among the visitors, because it gives a spectacular view of the entire city, with the Vodno Mountain in the background. There are still some excavations, and reconstruction of several buildings that archaeologists believe were existing in the past here. Open during daytime, the entrance gate is on the upper part, where the parking lot is located.

Skopje Fortress – Kale

No worries, you are not done yet… There are a couple of other places and things that deserve to be seen, like the Triumphal Arch Macedonia which is located right next to the main square Macedonia. There is the option to go in, climb to the top and get the 360° view of the main city core, where you will be on the same level as the great monument of Alexander the Great.

Triumphal Arch Macedonia ©Darko Nikolovski

Furthermore, next to the arch is the Woman Warrior Park which features so many monuments that will make your head spin. With more than 10 monuments in an area that you can circle around in about 2 minutes, this is perfect place in the summer months when the sun is sky high and very strong, and you can cool down so that you would be able to continue on your Skopje adventure.

Woman Warrior Park ©Nikolovski

Opposite from this park is one of the biggest institutions of Macedonia, the National Assembly, a building that was built in 1938 according to the project of the Czech architect Victor Hudak. Even though it is not in accordance with the common architectural style that the tourists are used to see around Skopje, the building of the Assembly of Macedonia is using a modern architectural tone for its time of construction. With its specific massive volume and presence of clean facade elements, its pentagon shape is a bit misaligned, nonetheless, still preserving the lines.

Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia

In order for all of these places to be seen, it takes about 3 to 4 hours, nonetheless, some of them can take at least a day in order to see everything and read about the history behind, the Old Bazaar for instance. For further exploration, visitors can visit one of the many museums that are within the center of the city.

Even though there are other things that deserve to be seen in person, however, if you are on a limited time, one day for example, then these would be most important things that should be seen in order for you to get the best image of Skopje, and fell in love with the city too.

River Vardar with the Stone Bridge © Diego Delso