While there’s nothing better than relaxing in a lounge chair on the beach, some days you just want to enjoy something a bit more on the quiet side. That is why we recommend to you to stay in one of our apartments which are located in a very quiet neighborhood, considered to be one of the safest in the city. While you can’t go wrong with your selection, still, we are conveniently located in between the main attractions that should be seen while in Skopje and the trendy neighborhoods where everyone goes in order to be seen.

As a matter in fact, this is the perfect way to explore the city in style while mixing with the locals, avoiding the touristic crowds! The Bohemian Quarter is just a stone-throw from us, where most of the popular restaurants which serve traditional Macedonian cuisine are located. As the Balkan Peninsula is a tight place with so many similarities, the food too is similar with a small Macedonian twist, in addition to the most traditional Macedonian dishes i.e. tavche gravche, ajvar, pindzhur etc.

Comparison with other cities

Skopje is  a city that was rebuilt after 1963, as it was almost completely destroyed. That is why most of the places which are worth to be seen in person are all within walking distance from something that was already on your must-see places list. Even though there is an almost good public transportation, it is sometimes better to walk around as you never know when you will encounter a small monument or memorial dedicated to some of the Macedonian fighters who died for Macedonia to be independent. Still, if you prefer not to walk, then you can take also one of the cheap taxis which should cost up to 150 MKD or 2.5 EUR for somewhere around the city center. Nonetheless, you should always be careful with the taxi drivers as some of them would like to overcharge you, and make sure that the taximeter is always turned on so that you would be sure that they will charge you correctly.