Urban Hostel & Apartments is located within the Municipality of Centar, centrally, yet away from the big crowds. Our neighborhood is an almost secluded one where mostly local inhabitants are moving around, and it is most of the time, usually after 22:00h, very quiet. Still, very safe and peaceful, we offer to you a comfortable place to stay with friendly and very knowledgeable staff.

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There are four buses that are able to take you to our property. Buses 21 and 22 are departing from the bus station, and buses 7 and 15 are passing through. You can see the schedule here:



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As the site is only available in Macedonian, you need to click on the bus number and the schedule columns will be shown to you. You need to look at the left column, as that is the one which gives you the timetable for the buses going to our direction. For buses 21 and 22 it is the first stop, which means the buses are departing at that time, nonetheless, buses 7 and 15 need additional 15-20 minutes in order to arrive at the bus station.

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From the bus/train station to Urban Hostel & Apartments it takes around 10-15 minutes to arrive by public transport, or 6-7 bus stops, depending which bus you take. You need to get off at the sixth or seventh bus stop called SIMPO, and from there it is some 2 minutes walk to our property.

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Arriving by taxi could be a little bit tricky, as the taxi drivers around the bus station most of the time would like to overcharge you. Be extra careful with them, and make sure that the taxi meter is on when departing.
The ride should cost you between 120 and 150 Macedonian denars, or in Euros between 2 and 2.5. Have in mind that the exchange rate is always 61.5 MKD for 1 EUR.

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There are several taxi companies which are fair and do not overcharge the tourists, so if you see one of them, just tell them that you want to go to Urban Hostel behind Univerzalna Sala (Universal Hall). Those companies are: De Luxe, Global, Nashe, Sonce, In Taxi, Lotus etc.

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If you need an organized taxi pick-up from the airport, please let us know in advance so that we would be able to organize it for you on time. All we need is your flight details and everything will be organized for you. The price is 17 EUR or 1000 MKD for up to 4 people, and you can pay to the taxi driver in Euros or Macedonian denars.
The taxi driver will be waiting for you at arrivals, right when you pass customs, with your name on a piece of paper.