Payments are made at check-in.

- Even though check in is considered at 14:00h, you are welcome any time :-)

- Check-out is till 12 o'clock. Please leave the room till 12 o'clock, in order to be able to prepare it for other guests. You can store the luggage at the reception desk if you don't want to take it with you in the city, and you can take it when you leave Skopje.

- We supplie free towels. If you need one, feel free to ask.

- We have couple of bikes that are rented free of charge.

- Several parking lots are available free of charge as well, please ask for it.

- Free maps are provided for each guest. 

- Smoking is allowed outside the hostel only.

All of the guests of Urban Hostel & Apartments get premium service and 10% discount at Dental Art  Dental Medicine which is situated on a stone's throw from the hostel.



- The official language in the Republic of Macedonia is the Macedonian language, and the official religion is Macedonian Orthodox. However, the languages of the minorities are spoken in certain regions and they are officially recognized by the state. Most of the people speak at least one foreign language, predominantly English. Beside the Christian Orthodox, in Macedonia live Muslims, Catholics, Protestants and Atheists.

- Skopje is the capital, and it has about 700,000 citizens. The number of people reaches a million, since many people from the region travel daily to Skopje for business or other needs.

- Elevation: 244 m, Continental climate.

- Directions: from Belgrade (SR) 438 km, from Sofia (BG) 230 km, from Thessaloniki (GR) 234 km, from Athens (GR) 703km.

- Time: CET (GMT +1) - Macedonia is the last country in the region with Central European Time. Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey apply Eastern European Time (+1h). If you travel in the region, please mind the time change.



Here you can find timetables of the public transport in Skopje. You can buy tickets from the driver or from the kiosk next to the bus stop. Single use ticket costs 35 Denars. Don't forget to validate the ticket in the yellow box behind the driver. The tickets are not valid, unless they are stamped.

Here you can find useful information about the cable car that leads to the Millennium Cross  

This is the official website of the International Airport in Skopje 

Here you can find the timetables of the bus lines in the coutry and abroad

Timetables of the trains running in the country and abroad are listed here



- The official currency is Macedonian Denar (MKD). Payments in other currencies are not accepted in most of the shops. 

The exchange rate of the Macedonian Denar is: 1 Euro = 61.5 Denars. You can exchange Euros, American Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, British Pounds and Swiss Franks in every bank or exchange office. The banks require showing a document of personal identification as well. Some bigger banks and exchange offices accept other currencies, like Serbian Dinars, Croatian Kunas, Bulgarian Levs, Turkish Liras, etc. Usually, banks have lower provisions than exchange offices. 

You can withdraw money from ATMs with foreign cards only in Macedonian Denars. However, almost everywhere in the city you can pay by card. The closest ATM to the hostel is around the corner. However, along the same boulevard, thare are many more from NLB Tutunska Bank, Steiermerkische Sparkasse, Societe Generale, Stopanska Bank, Komercijalna Bank and many others. Commisions can vary, but they are more or less the same. Contact your home bank to see if they collaborate with a certain bank in Macedonia in order to pay reduced provision at the ATM or no provision.

- Smoking is banned in all institutions and closed areas. No smoking in bars, cafes, discos, cinemas, theaters, malls, etc. Some coffeeshops and bars have balconies and summer gardens where smoking is allowed. 

- If you come by car, please make sure that your lights are on!

- The hostel will issue you at check-in a Certificate for registration and deregistration of sojourn/residence or change of address. Please keep it till you leave the country!



- Macedonian revolutionary struggle  and the Holocaust Memorial are open every day from 10 to18h, except Monday. The entrance in the Holocaust Memorial is free of charge.

- The Memorial House of Mother Teresa is open from Monday to Friday from 09 to 20h, Saturday and Sunday from 09 to 14h. Entrance free of charge.

- The Museum of Macedonia is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 09 to 17h. Monday - closed, Sunday the entrance is free of charge. 

- The Museum of Contemporary Art is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 17h, Sunday from 09 to 13h. Monday - closed. The entrance is free of charge.

- Most of the churches and monasteries are open for visitors from 07 to 17h. Make sure that you are dressed properly before you enter in a church. Shorts, transparent or provocative clothes are definitely inappropriate combination for visiting a church. Taking photos is not allowed, because the flash disturbs the church-goers. However, most of the churches grant permission for taking photos on some events like weddings. If you like to take a photo without flash, kindly ask for permission some of the church servants or the priest. Make sure your mobile is turned on silent mode. Talking loud in a church is considered highly impolite. 



- City sightseeing is organized each day, twice a day, in 11h and in 17h from the Triumphal Arch in the city center with panoramic double-deckers and bilingual tourist guide (MK & EN). The bus ticket costs 35 MKD.

- If you want to visit the Matka Lake, take the bus line 60 at the bus stop nearby the hostel, direction opposite of the city center, and leave the bus at the terminus. You can buy tickets from the driver or from the kiosk next to the bus stop. Single use ticket costs 35 Denars. Don't forget to validate the ticket in the yellow box behind the driver. The tickets are not valid, unless they are stamped. You can ask about the timetable of the busline at the reception desk, or check online at the web site of the public transport company listed above. 

- Don't miss the daily coffee and the nightlife in the numerous bars in Debar Maalo, Macedonia St., the river quay and of course, in the Old Bazaar. 

- Macedonia Experience provides exciting and unforgettable travelling services in Macedonia. Skopje Sightseeing Tours are provided as well.

- If you are interested in alternative or extreme sports, here you can find some useful information

- You are in Skopje, and you haven't decided yet what to visit? Some of these places would be an excellent choice!





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